We branded our brown diamonds because Le Vian believes in its standards for finding and selecting rare, high quality natural brown diamonds sets it apart from other sources for brown diamond jewelry. In order to distinguish itself, Le Vian has coined the term Chocolate Diamonds® to indicate a select and exacting standard for natural fancy color brown diamonds that it uses in its innovative and unique jewelry. Le Vian® obtained a registered trademark of Chocolate Diamonds®, so consumers would be assured that these branded diamonds are of the highest quality, meeting specific standards of what it takes to be a Chocolate Diamond®. Currently, Le Vian holds the registered trademark for Chocolate Diamonds in countries around the world, spanning the Americas, the European Union, China, and the Middle East.


All of Le Vian’s Chocolate Diamonds are Unique, Affordable, and Fashionable. Here’s why. The color results from a combination of three different elements — hue, tone, and saturation — and there are millions of combinations of these elements that create each diamond’s look. So, when you get a one-carat Chocolate Diamond®, all the many possible variations make each diamond unique. This is of course true of all natural-color diamonds, and it’s the reason they are so valued. People are looking for something different, something no other collector can get no matter how much they’re willing to pay.

Chocolate Diamonds® are carried by several retailers and specialty stores across the U.S. and around the world.

Major Authorized retailers in the USA are Jared the Galleria of Jewelry, Kay Jewelers, Zales, Macy's,
and in the UK are Ernest Jones and H.Samuel.
Find Chocolate Diamonds® at a store near you.

Le Vian Chocolate Diamonds® Engraved on Girdle

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