Le Vian® is the only company on earth to make jewelry with Chocolate Diamonds®

Levian_Cho_Diamonds Chocolate Diamonds® are Le Vian’s unique brand of natural fancy color brown diamonds, introduced in the year 2000. Le Vian® was one of the first to appreciate the limited quantity of rare, natural fancy-color brown diamonds that were mostly being produced by the Argyle Mine in Australia. Among the production of brown diamonds, a tiny selection — less than 5% — were more beautiful and rare than the colorless white diamonds. These rare brown diamonds, with deeper color and higher clarity, were unfairly grouped with the lower quality stones. Because they were under-appreciated, they were underpriced, and Le Vian® seized this opportunity to introduce these beautiful natural diamonds to the world. The company then coined the term Chocolate Diamonds® to indicate a select and exacting standard for natural fancy-color brown diamonds, gaining worldwide recognition for its Chocolate Diamonds® brand jewelry.