The Fashion of Chocolate Diamonds®

TheFashionDiamonds If there’s one thing that Le Vian is known for, it’s creating beautiful, original, innovative designs in jewelry. And since the introduction of Chocolate Diamonds® in 2000, the company has created thousands of new styles every year featuring these natural-color stones. Chocolate Diamonds® have a unique appeal, because they can be worn for so many different occasions, or for no occasion at all. The earthy quality of these diamonds gives them a versatility that lets you wear them nearly any outfit — dressed up in a fancy, one-of- a-kind gown for the Red Carpet, or dressed down in jeans and a sweatshirt for a trip to the store. And with the trend in fashion moving away from flashy bling that screams wealth, towards less pretentious styles of restrained elegance, Chocolate Diamonds® achieve that perfect balance of luxury and tastefulness.

Many of Hollywood’s most fashion-conscious celebrities agree. While these famous actresses and musicians can afford the biggest, brightest and flashiest diamonds, they often choose to wear Le Vian’s Chocolate Diamonds® jewelry, valuing originality over everything else. You’ll see them again and again — on the Red Carpet, on talk shows, at movie premieres, at awards ceremonies — wearing Chocolate Diamonds®, because they love the unique styles of Le Vian® jewelry, and because they love the look and appeal of Chocolate Diamonds®.