The Fashion of Chocolate Diamonds®

TheFashionDiamondsTo be worthy of the Chocolate Diamonds® name, a diamond must meet rigorous specifications. First, it must be a natural-color brown diamond, responsibly sourced from the Argyle Diamond Mine in Australia. It must have a certain hue, tone and saturation, rating between C4 and C7 on Argyle’s color scale. These are the richer, deeper champagne colors, and correspond to the fancy dark browns on the Gemological Institute of America’s color chart. And the clarity must be SI or higher — Slightly Included means it’s “eye clean,” so that inclusions aren’t visible to the naked eye. Note that fewer than 5% of the diamonds from the Argyle mine meet these standards. Stones larger than 20 points (1/5 carat) are the top 5% of those, and Chocolate Diamonds® of one carat or larger are 1 in 10,000 — almost impossible to find. Of course, once the Chocolate Diamonds® are sourced from the mine, they are then cut to Le Vian’s exacting standards.
If there’s one thing that Le Vian is known for, it’s creating beautiful, original, innovative designs in jewelry. And since the introduction of Chocolate Diamonds® in 2000, the company has created thousands of new styles every year featuring these natural-color stones. Chocolate Diamonds® have a unique appeal, because they can be worn for so many different occasions, or for no occasion at all. The earthy quality of these diamonds gives them a versatility that lets you wear them nearly any outfit — dressed up in a fancy, one-of- a-kind gown for the Red Carpet, or dressed down in jeans and a sweatshirt for a trip to the store. And with the trend in fashion moving away from flashy bling that screams wealth, towards less pretentious styles of restrained elegance, Chocolate Diamonds® achieve that perfect balance of luxury and tastefulness.

Many of Hollywood’s most fashion-conscious celebrities agree. While these famous actresses and musicians can afford the biggest, brightest and flashiest diamonds, they often choose to wear Le Vian’s Chocolate Diamonds® jewelry, valuing originality over everything else. You’ll see them again and again — on the Red Carpet, on talk shows, at movie premieres, at awards ceremonies — wearing Chocolate Diamonds®, because they love the unique styles of Le Vian® jewelry, and because they love the look and appeal of Chocolate Diamonds®.